FastIndex Search Engine

This site used to house a small online library. It contained all Sherlock Holmes stories readily avaliable from online sources, plus a few miscellaneous works which I added for testing purposes and then saw no good reason to remove.

The central feature of the site was its search engine, written specifically for this application. All users had a personal bookshelf on which they could place volumes in which they were interested. Passages located through the search engine could be bookmarked and these too could be accessed via the bookshelf. You had the option to register. Registration was simple and free; it probably took less than two minutes of your time; its main purpose was to allow the system to recognize you next time you visited and to give you access to your previous bookshelf; no password was required.

The code for this server was written in early 2000 and it ran faithfully for over seven years before I finally pulled the plug -- it was getting less than one hit per month and that wasn't worth the bother of keeping it running. If you have a reason for seeing it running please get in touch. The source code for the FastIndex site has been released under the Lesser General Public License.