Directions for La Finca San Antonio

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From Marbella, starting from the "La Cañada" exit on the A7, head north along the A355 (direction Coín).

You stay on this road for 10.5 km, passing two exits for Ojén, both labelled A-7103.

After the second of these you're 1km from a left turn to the hotel at Refugio De Juanar. (Half way there is a left turn to a quarry, with a blue sign "500m" to Refugio -- not here!) Keep going, the turning you want has a brown sign, an island in the middle of the road for waiting in, and the road starts by climbing fairly steeply immediately, and bending to the right, with a big sign for the hotel.

From Málaga take the A357 in the direction of Cártama, coming off at exit 48 from which you join the A355 towards Marbella. After nearly 24km you turn right onto the road up to Refugio De Juanar.

In either case, as you come up the road to Refugio, you pass first the 1km sign, then after about 100m a clear bend to the right (parking space under trees to left), then after another ~200m a "40" speed sign, and finally after about 10m there are five white stones by the side of the road, and a tree that's painted white at the base, on your right. Between the stones and the tree is a cemented track which heads down into the valley.

If on the other hand you're coming from Refugio, you might find that the turnoff is rather sharp, and that it's easiest to overshoot the white stones & tree on your left, turn the car and then approach as above.

Down the track you go.

The final phase takes getting on for five minutes. Keep going straight! From time to time you'll see our house in the distance, above most other buildings in the valley. If it's after dark and we know you're coming we'll turn on lots of lights.


  1. At 0.6km there's a turn to the left which you do not take. Our house is clearly visible ahead, above, and a bit to the right.

  2. At 1.0km there's a fork down and to the right which you do not take. Another 100m (1.1km from the start) the track bends left and (rough concrete at this point) climbs steeply. 1st gear!! At the top is a high wall covered with conifers, at the top you might just see the sign "La Finca San Antonio". Turn in to carpark and see if there's any parking spaces available.

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